The root cause and challenge to the “Health and Social Welfare” is the improper management of waste. As tackling the root cause of diseases and serenity of nature at the root level can eliminate the cause thereby taking our society to a new dimension by preventing 50% health problems caused by the waste(as insect and other microbes grow in the trash bin and spread epidemics also get into our food chain if it's near the water bodies).

Smart Waste Bin

Materials Used:

Mechanism and Further Development:

Our project focuses on automating and networking garbage bins that are in various parts of the city.

  1. Each garbage bin has got an ultrasonic ping sensor using which it can be determined whether the bin is empty or not or how much % of the bin is filled.
  2. It has got a temperature, humidity, moisture sensors which helps to determine weather conditions, presence of anaerobic respiration, and accordingly plan garbage disposals
  3. It has got a gyro through which it can know whether the bin has fallen and all the rubbish came out
  4. All the garbage bins around the city are connected to a server using “Internet Of Things” and the server monitors which bins are filled and which are not and its plans the shortest possible route to go and collect the garbage and displays the route in the Google maps. This on a large scale can save tones of fossil fuel.
  5. We also created an application for smartphones where you can observe the state of the sensors and also offers notifications depending on the state of the sensors.
  6. The data collected by the sensors form big data by time going and can be analyzed to know the rate of waste forming. Also, this raw data collected can predict many such things.
  7. In further advancement the trash bin will be given robotic moving capability thereby it can move itself to the dumb yard and can come back to the place when it is full.


1. Ultrasonic ping sensor interface with Arduino

This measures the distance between the nearest object and the sensor. It works by sending out an ultrasonic sound and listening to the echo as it bounces off a surface. There are four pins you can use for sensor interface: VCC, Trig (signal output pin), Echo (signal input pin), and GND.

Ultrasonic ping sensor interface with Arduino

2. Temperature, Humidity, Moisture sensors interface

A humidity sensor (or hygrometer) detects, monitors, and records both moisture and air temperature.

Temperature, Humidity, Moisture sensors interface

3. Gyro sensor interface

MPU6050 module is a small chip that has both a gyro and an accelerometer. The MPU-6050 is an 8 pin 3-axis Gyroscope, 3-axis Accelerometer, Digital Motion Processor, and Temperature Sensor, all in one IC.

Gyro sensor interface

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