Why did i move on to Django?

I was pretty much worried about my designing skills 😯 and also I had very little knowledge on JavaScript and merely little experience in HTML, CSS .


I learned python so I decided to do something related to python😊 .But I am interested in making websites so I thought about learning more about backend Web development also because I looking forward in gaining knowledge in database . Whenever I receive a notification from LinkedIn it was all about Django 🤔 so I decided to know about it more it

How it changed my views on Web dev and Python😍?

So Django is a framework, not a language. Python is the language in which Django is written.

Django is a collection of Python libs allowing you to quickly and efficiently create a quality Web application, and is suitable for both frontend and backend.

However, Django is pretty famous for its "Django admin", an auto generated backend that allows you to manage your website in a blink for a lot of simple use cases without having to code much.

Did I get what I wanted🐱‍🏍?

Yeah ! More than I expected , There may be some starting troubles but Once you get on to the train !Damn its unstoppable . Just learn the methods then you can make super interactive web pages . And don't think this is a backend developing platform ,it is also front end.

So making a Website is just import templates and customize it which is very easy with Django and with the backend, Django comes with an ORM that lets you manipulate your data source with ease, forms (an HTML independent implementation) to process user input and validate data and signals, and an implementation of the observer pattern. Plus a tons of use-case specific nifty little tools🤯.

You probably want to know as well that Django comes with the concept of apps, a self contained pluggable Django library that solves a problem. The Django community is huge, and so there are numerous apps that do specific business logic that vanilla Django doesn't.

Is it Difficult 🤔?

Really 😂!! Of course not .Making new path is easy with Django's url.py and calling page like a function in html template . Single page can be made as a base and call it over any other templates which makes its more easy , make a loop inside html and call different themes or CSS with delay. Just like that😎!

Where will I learn all these from 🤗?

YouTube is the best as there is less courses available on online platforms for Django .

More over The first page on it's tells you what Django is: a high-level Python Web framework – https://www.djangoproject.com/ ,many tutorials are available in it.

Just Do Whatever You Want😌