Power and Electricity is now a basic necessity in our daily lives.The lack of Electricity can have day changing effects.

Here is a case to better abbreviate my earlier statement.

There is a small household of 4 people in the city of Trivandrum.In the year 2011,a coconut frond happened to land right on top of the Electricity line that carried power to 4 to 5 houses including the earlier house.The power lines were out and repairs were needed to restore it back to working condition.While the repairs were to finish in 3 days,it took nearly 2 and a half weeks. So the occuupants in the 4 houses had to survive for two weeks without electricity.

During the two weeks, the house had no access to the internet and had to run to their friends homes to charge their phones and other electrical applicances. Also don't forget about the heat inside the house both during daytime and the nights even though it was the month of January.The children were unable to complete their powerpoint related projects and had difficulty studying and playing inside too.Then there's the expectation of having current when yu reach at home,holding yu by the throat with each passing day.

So after that particular incident,the household decided to buy an apparatus to maintain power for sometime to carry out atleast necessary tasks.While at the time powering the entire house using an appliance proved costly for them,they decided to use an apparatus for one room within the house.

How it's done

The apparatus is simply put,a home inverter/ups that is coupled to the battery of a lorry.While the inverter has its own supply of power,inverter batteries tend not to last long.So the lorry battery is used as the primary supply.The room can now sustain the neccessary needs of the house when powercuts occur.Smartphones and laptops can be charged,fan and lights are now available in powercuts and the Wifi router is also available since it is in the room.Now the household doesn't have problems even if they have powercuts for a day even for the children who are now engineers.Even if the lorry battery were to somehow get damaged,the inverter supply can be used for a while until a replacement battery is placed if need be.

Hence the room is effectively secured with

  • Illuminance and air
  • A Network Hotspot [Do make sure that its password protected 🙂 ]
  • A charging station [By using additional plugpoints]

Warning : Don't try this to power up a desktop while gaming.This has been tried and the standby lifetime is mostly 20 to 40 minutes and the battery gets worn out more.Laptops are not verified,but better to be safe than sorry.