Robocet – Robotics Club of CET

Robocet | Giving wings to your Aspirations

“The true delight is in the ‘finding out’ rather than in the ‘knowing’”

                                                                                   – Isaac Asimov

Welcome to RoboCET – The Robotics Club of College of Engineering Trivandrum.

Robotics Club of CET was conceived with the aim of enriching the culture of our college with an active interest in advanced technology. Those were days when the campus was plagued with political strives and learning took a backseat. Thus the club became an oasis of technically oriented, testosterone driven engineers. Another important aim of the club was to augment knowledge related to hobby robotics. This would help the posterity to achieve greater heights and have a faster, nonetheless steeper, learning curve. As Newton once remarked : “I can see further because I stand on the shoulders of giants”.

This club is aimed at providing a tangible forum for discussions related to robotics. This initiative is mainly to provide a virtual home for its humble counterpart in the real world. This portal would not only serve as a knowledge hub for robotics but also as a hangout for likeminded guys on the net.

It was fortunate that the scions of the club shared the vision and principle on which the club was founded. This has lead to greater achievements and scaling of activities. The prizes won at Shaastra and the new website affirms the claim. Also, the club was able to attract the best of talent that CET could offer – a fact averred by a number of RoboCETians in IIScs, IITs and IIMs. This implies that RoboCET also offers the most high quality networking possibilities in College of Engineering Trivandrum.

One of the most important functions of the club is to induct the juniors to the art of robotics. It should never take a back seat. The seminars and intra-class competitions provide great opportunities for induction and skill enhancement. This should always be our strategic vision. The website is aimed at collating knowledge and to represent our club to the outside world. A quality website would also help the members to attain sponsorships and build up a brand.

Apart from obvious opportunities for improving technical acumen, the club provides nursery for project management, collaboration, team-building, mentoring, web administration and organisational skill development. These can substantially improve a man’s personality and add value to his resume. I am sure the alumni would vouch for aforementioned statement.

As the new crew takes over the helm, its time to renew our pledge in full measure. It is encouraging to see that the alumni are taking interests for technical and organisational guidance. If the club grows big enough, alumni can also help in getting corporate sponsorships. Applause is due to the top team, who will be stepping down soon. This was one of the best years for the club. The new oarsmen have an appalling task of living up to their legacy. So let us move forward together for the glory of our crest. is open to all who have anything worthwhile to say about robotics. Air your doubts, questions, claims, anything to find a solution. This site will also document the various activities of this club at C.E.T. So come aboard and let’s find out!